Our technology

We manufacture concrete production; using such variety technologies that cement is the only thing they have in common.

The next information summarizes each of the production.

Non-аutoclaved Aerated Concrete (NAC) is one of the activity areas of the company.

Earlier the aerated concrete has been produced on bases of quicklime as a binding substance. Expensive autoclave elaboration is needed to mineralization the lime, so that’s why it is necessary to produce the aerated concrete by autoclave way. However it is not necessary to use the lime. If concrete is air hardening then it is “the non-autoclaved aerated concrete”. Technology of the non-autoclaved aerated concrete, which would not disgrace the autoclaved aerated concrete, has come up lately; also it has lower cost and lower production price.

There are special aspects of our non-autoclaved aerated concrete below.

Replacing the lime for concrete as a binding substance is one of difficult aspects of switch from autoclaved aerated technology to non-autoclaved technology. It is necessary to not only mix the cement mixture but also to boost the activity of cement.

The activation of the cement brings to boost the hardening of production, to reduction of concrete shrinkage. Our activation system allows to turn almost every aerated concrete mixer to the agitator mixer. Our technology integrates into almost every existed equipment to production of non-autoclaved concrete.

The main idea came up by analyzing Viktor Shauberger’s works.

Reinforcing of the aerated concrete with synthetic fiber is applied to provide
plastic strength of the material. After-treatment is provided by
magnetic water treatment.

As a result we have aerated concrete with low density, which is provide hit-saving characteristics: low density D500…D600, balanced distribution of interstices, and high strength В2…В2,5. It allows to build supporting walls up to 3 levels.

Our technology can be replicated and every domestic raw material can be used. Aerated concrete, which we have made of sea sand in tropical climates have successfully passed the test. The filler can be used fly ash or powder from the stone-cutting industry.

Concrete well rings.

We produce concrete well rings of different sizes, with lock on the end bay like tongue-and-groove. We use semi dry molding of concrete mixture to produce concrete well rings.

Setting up this new product line we’ve used a combination of newest assembly units with large-scale of automation. As a result we’ve got up-to-date equipment which is as good as production capacity and quality of European manufacturers. However the cost of our factory installation is cheaper.

Concrete mixing machine is completely automated. Operator corrects the formula at the programing phase of proportions of a concrete mix and its grade. After that these proportions of a concrete mix become fully automatic.

Operator just pushes the button “START”. Mixing of concrete, then shift it in the holding bin and following transfer is completely automatic. Concrete goes to the special compression apparatus by the conveyor belt. Generation of the product depends on three aspects: there is pressing, vibration and floating. Right after that, the product goes to the ageing zone.

This technology provides high production capacity and low cost-price. And tongue-and-groove end bay brings actual and marketing advantages to our products.

We use only high technologies, we remove non-productive hand-labour.


Hyper-pressed concrete the theme which we introduce now.

Hiperface pressure (hundreds of tons) attaches semi-dry concrete mix enhanced durability and allows lossless quality to save cement, more than with the vibro-compression. The resulting bricks have high strength and glossy facing surface. Adding colour allows to produce bricks of any color, from the classic to the most unexpected. Manufacturer of brick double-size, with mechanical splitting — separation, allows to obtain one of the surfaces of the bricks with the texture of «broken stone».


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